Game Landscape Sketchbook Project

For some time now, whenever I get some time I work on a little project that I call Game Landscapes. This is a personal project where I started with one of my all time favorite game:

The Last of US

This game was one of my favorite. It still gets me thinking and asking questions. The Story was/is so amazing that it affected me. 
When they announced part two december 2016 I felt like that I have to do something for myself and to also force myself out of my comfort zone, I decided to start this project.

I have drawn 5 scenes up to this point:

Bill's Town
When you enter the town, you get a glimpse of the former high street.

When are in the City and just before you enter the former Hotel.

The Suburbs
There are some scenes that are just... 

Hidden Pines Coral
The Talk Ellie and Joel have about the Teenage problems.

Bus Depot
It's probably one of the iconic moments of this game. The joy from Ellie when actually petting a Giraffe.

Watercolor Landscapes

When I take a watercolor brush in my hand and look at the black page in front of me it's just scary. Because linework it's my thing, I practice that nearly everyday (there are some rare days that I have to skip it). Linework for me its easier because I do a pencil sketch first and then once I am happy with it I get my pen and ink it.

With the watercolors shown here, thats not happening. I try to imagine how the finished product might look like, and sometimes the results come close.
More practice will help and I can't wait to find out what my watercolors might look like in a year from now.